5 Questions, 5 Minutes: Artist Talk with Yasmin Ramirez

part of QUEENIE: Selected artworks by female artists from El Museo del Barrio’s Collection

Hunter East Harlem Gallery
2180 3rd Avenue
New York, NY

May 30, 6:30pm

Please join us and El Museo del Barrio for a rapid fire Q & A session: 5 Question in 5 Minutes, featuring the following artists from QUEENIE: Selected artworks by female artists from El Museo del Barrio’s Collection:

Melissa Calderón
Alessandra Expósito
iliana emilia garcia
Scherezade Garcia
Jessica Kairé
Glendalys Medina
Nitza Tufiño

Artists will answer questions from both audience members and those submitted via social media. The artist talk will be moderated by Yasmin Ramirez.


Dini Dixon: The Long Goodbye

Thomas Hunter Project Space
Thomas Hunter Building
68th Street and Lexington Avenue
New York, NY

May 29 – June 20
Opening Reception: June 1, 6-9pm

“The Long Goodbye is an installation made up of an abstract video accompanied by a series of wavelike sculptures. By recording the movements I make while producing sculptures I create a stop motion video sequence that allows the viewer to follow aspects of my process. I also repeat steps to emphasize the rythmic movements that happen within the act of making. My videos intend to subvert the stoic nature of fired clay by presenting it a digital format that affords constant movement. I am also interested in using the temporal, fluid characteristics of video as a reference to identity as a constantly moving and evolving aspect of our lives. The images I produce represent the projection of masculine identity and explore the themes of power, coolness, strength, and what it means to be heroic. Breaking with the tradition of the male gaze commonly represented in art history, I am depicting masculinity from a voyeristic female gaze. Through this process I seek to superimpose a feminine dialogue over macho imagery I was influenced by growing up in California.”


Jessica Perelman & Jackie Slanley: Opulent Feelings

Thomas Hunter Project Space Hallway Show
Thomas Hunter Building
68th Street and Lexington Avenue
New York, NY

May 29 – June 20
Opening Reception: June 1, 6-9pm

Clay is a material inseparably tied to its functionality, used to form everything from coffee cups and industrial materials to costly and precious objects of desire. Within the field of sculpture, clay can appear weighed down by this inherent relationship. Instead of looking past this condition, artists Jackie Slanley and Jessica Perelman employ the utilitarian connotations surrounding clay to reinforce a narrative centered on opulence and freedom to desire from an unrelentingly feminine perspective.

Their paired works appear in strong contrast visually, but what they have in common sparks an expressive dialogue about the relationship between “low” and “high” art. Referencing everything from domestic items and thrifted curios, to porcelain figurines, glass beads, and fur. Their approaches are united by a distinct attention to texture and a draw towards extravagance and ornate detail. By joining painterly surfaces with ceramic form as well as incorporating two dimensional and installation elements, both artists are working to challenge the boundaries between painting, drawing, and ceramics. Their two versions of rebellion reject unspoken rules and work together to demonstrate the benefits self-governance.



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