Patricia Ayres, Rachelle Dang, Elizabeth Englander, Mathew Galindo, Jameson Green, Zac Hacmon, Kyoko Hamaguchi, Eleanor King, Jessica Mensch

205 Project Space
205 Hudson Street
New York, NY

Through September 7
Closing Party: September 7, 6-9pm

LOOP-N-PATH highlights the sensory faculties of the body in relation to maps, tunnels, canals and passages – these various pathways and networks that are part of cities, industry, and the individual.  This exhibit takes as its starting point the location of Hunter’s MFA building at the intersection of the Holland Tunnel, Canal Street, and the Hudson River – historic thoroughfares that have defined New York City.  Eight of the nine artists in this exhibit have studied, worked, and produced artwork in this building over the last several years, and most are long-distance travelers who have taken diverse paths to arrive here: from Nova Scotia and Montreal; Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Hawaii, and Long Island; Israel and Japan.  Their work spans photography, video, installation, painting, and sculpture, with a strong emphasis on materiality and touch.  These artists-travelers have overlapping concerns of perception, empathy, politics, and art production; they create visual experiences for the imperceptible and the underexplored.

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