Sharon Core, Understory – Live View

Thomas Hunter Project Space
930 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY
Through December 31
Opening Reception: December 7, 6-8pm

The artist writes:

“The project Understory began in 2013, with the construction of an 800 square foot geodesic dome on my property in Upstate NY. My intention was to create a landscape inside the dome, a cultivated environment that would mimic the forest floor setting in the paintings of the 17thcentury artist Otto Marseus Van Schriek that depict a theater of the natural world where flowers spring up amidst mushrooms, rotting wood, moss, and creatures of prey. After filling the dome with topsoil and decomposing matter, I planted a variety of vegetation, many selected for their psychotropic properties and symbolism.  I introduced living creatures such as toads, snakes, snails, and insects. I began photographing the development of the environment and creating a series of photographs that were first exhibited at the Yancey Richardson Gallery in New York in March and April of 2016. “

“Live View is a departure from the still images and has grown out of my intense observation of the world inside the dome and its changes from minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, season to season and year to year. Here the viewer is presented with a simulcast view of the environment to observe. One might see a turtle or praying mantis move into the frame or barely perceive the tendrils of a vine reaching to climb higher or none of these things. Live View asks the viewer to imagine what might exist outside of our human perceptual frame. Just as the light of day is continuously shifting just beyond our awareness, so do all elements in the natural world constantly move and change in a cycle of growth, decay, and regeneration.”

Sharon Core, 2017

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