Workshop with Immigration Lawyer and O-1 Visa specialist Eric Shaub part of The Extraordinary

Hunter East Harlem Gallery
2180 3rd Avenue and 119th Street
New York, NY

October 29, 6:30-8:30pm

Eric Shaub, Attorney at Law (NY, NY) has more than twenty years of experience with the exclusive focus on immigration for artists. Eric will be on site to to host a workshop that outlines protocols of the O-1 Visa and offer his expertise as a legal mentor.

The Extraordinary is a group exhibition of eight artists who are currently in the process of gaining, or currently possess an O-1 Non-immigration Visa: Individuals with Extraordinary Ability or Achievement. The exhibition seeks to bring transparency to this process and at the same time, inspect the system which requires those to have “distinction” and be “renowned” in the arts—a subjective and complicated qualification. The Extraordinary is an exhibition that visa-seeking individuals will be able to list on their CVs for qualification for the Visa through the US Government. Complimentary public programming will include workshops with immigration lawyers, support group meetings with other visa seekers and awardees, artist talks and tours, among other relevant events. PROGRAMMING LINE UP TO COME SOON. Stay tuned.

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