Tom Lane, In Response to History

Thomas Hunter Project Space
930 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY

Through February 28
Opening Reception: February 7, 6:30-9pm

The role of Art has always been to respond to Art History or World History. Tom Lane’s porcelain vessels and sculpture examine many tragic and important issues of our day. The artistic voice is at times somber and other times humorous.

“I see my work in two groups: SERVICE and PLAY. Service includes the tribute vessels, about lives lost; these are works that felt like they needed to be done. Play includes The Pretenders (above), pieces that construct a fictional narrative that looks at the authority and responsibility of national leaders. Humor, like sorrow, puts the viewer in an emotional space that may open them to new ways of thinking.”

“The tribute vessels may be the most important work I do. I believe the United States and specifically, New York City, has been suffering from PTSD since 9/11. I believe art has a transcendental value that has the power to heal.  The vessel is an understood form to hold this important content. The intellect does not get in the way; the message goes straight to the heart.”

Images of Tom Lane’s 9/11 Urn and Iraq Memorial Vase can be seen on Instagram: tom_lane_ceramics

Visitors will need to get a “guest pass” from the main entrance at Hunter College on the corner of 68th St. and Lexington Ave. You may then use any entrance to reach the Thomas Hunter Project Space, located in the basement of the Thomas Hunter Building (930 Lexington Ave.)

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