Madhvi Subrahmanian, walk and chew gum…

Thomas Hunter Project Space
930 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY

Madhvi Subrahmanian’s practice has been informed, defined and transformed by her migratory life and the opportunities and challenges of her constant relocations. Her exhibition walk and chew gum…captures her response to New York City during her Visiting Artist Residency at Hunter College Department of Art and Art history.

“As I was exploring the grid and responding to the city in clay, paper and photo documentation, I became fascinated with the persistent gum marks on the pavements.  The marks tell a story of where people congregate, connect, and depart, while disclosing the social structure of a neighborhood. Having lived in Singapore, a country where chewing gum is banned, these marks become more evident to me, revealing the movements of people in the city and spaces where they take a break from its relentless energy”.

Based between Mumbai and Singapore, Subrahmanian is an artist, curator, and writer. Her initial training was in Pondicherry, India and she has a Masters in Fine Arts from Meadows School of the Arts, Dallas, TX.  She is a founder member of the Indian Ceramic Triennale and a member of International Academy Of Ceramics, Geneva and Artaxis, USA.  Her works can be seen in numerous public collections in India, Japan, China and Singapore.

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