Erotohistoriography Riis 1955/2017


Beginning 14 May, Hauser & Wirth New York will present ‘We Were Already Gone’, an exhibition at its West 22nd Street location in the Chelsea Arts District, organized in collaboration with Hunter College.

Curated by graduate students in Hunter’s Department of Art & Art History, this exhibition will showcase the work of artists currently enrolled in the school’s MFA Program in Studio Art. We Were Already Gone spotlights the diversity and holistic approach that have situated Hunter uniquely among American institutions devoted to higher education in the arts. The show will present an array of works across mediums, with sculpture, painting, and videos that confront the global cultural and political reckoning underway.

The exhibition was conceived and curated by the students in Joachim Pissarro’s class, ‘Curate, Create, Critique.’ The curators chose to focus upon the effects of the year 2020, with its global pandemic accompanied by political unrest, learning through a virtual sphere, and lack of human touch and connection. Impacted individually and collectively by the turmoil of last year, the students found their organizing principle in Jacques Derrida’s term ‘hauntology,’ which refers to the persistent presence of the past in our current moment. The works on view in We Were Already Gone form an invitation to assemble remnants of the past into a new foundation for a hopeful future.
We Were Already Gone was curated by Hunter MA and MFA students Dana Notine, Jonas Albro, Daniel Berman, Dante Cannatella, Anna Cone, Sarah Heinemann, Mercedes Llanos, Amorelle Jacox, Liza Lacroix, Kimberly Nam, Joseph Parra, Lorraine Robinson, and Sigourney Schultz, featuring the work of MFA Students:
Christina Barrera 
Chris Berntsen 
Dahlia Bloomstone 
Noémie Jennifer Bonnet 
Lele Dai 
Whit Harris 
Dusty Miller-Peter Macaulay 
Jeremey Lawson 
Sarah Grace Powell 
Xinan (Helen) Ran 
Carrie Rudd 
Sydney Shavers 
Shauna Steinbach 
Alina Yakirevitch 
Areum Yang
The gallery at 542 West 22nd Street is open to the public Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm at limited capacity. They ask that you book a timed reservation and read their visitor guidelines in full before you arrive.

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