Artist Lina Puerta & curator Klaudia Ofwona Draber in Conversation

Hunter East Harlem Gallery
2180 3rd Avenue, NY, NY

On Wednesday, December 8th, Lina and Klaudia will discuss the exhibition currently on view: Lina Puerta: Migration, Nature, and the Feminine which is a survey exhibition of the artist’s work spanning the last eighteen years and created mostly during her time as an East Harlem resident. The artworks in the exhibition showcase Puerta’s use of imagery rooted in her Colombian upbringing and Latinx experience. Examining the relationship between nature and the human-made, and engaging themes of xenophobia, hyper-consumerism, food justice, and ancestral knowledge, Puerta creates mixed-media sculptures, installations, collages, handmade-paper paintings and wall hangings by combining a wide range of materials: from artificial plants, paper pulp, to found personal and recycled objects.

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