Left: The NEST, Victor Skersis, Victoria Borisova, Stevie Knauss, Art to the Masses 2.0, August 14, 2023. Times Square, New York. Photo: Jake M. Robinson. Right: Collective Actions, in collaboration with Hunter College team, Pissarro’s Window, May 11, 2023. New York. Photo: Jiwoong Jang.

September 9 – October 28, 2023

Opening Reception: September 9, 6-9pm

Distortions Symposium I: September 9, 4-5:30pm
The opening reception will be preceded by a round table discussion and reenactments of art works with the exhibition curators and artists Yuri Albert, Sabine Hänsgen and Victor Skersis.

Hunter College Art Galleries
205 Hudson Gallery
205 Hudson Street (enter between Canal and Greenwich Streets)
New York, NY 

Hours: Tuesday–Saturday, 12-5pm

Curated by Hunter College professors Daniel Bozhkov and Joachim Pissarro with Dr. Olga Zaikina. Curatorial Graduate Fellow: Victoria Borisova.

Distortions: Moscow Conceptualists Working Today was developed through a two-semester graduate curatorial seminar at Hunter College led by professors Daniel Bozhkov and Joachim Pissarro with Dr. Olga Zaikina. It included studio art students: Lauren Cline, Tucker Claxton, LeLe Dai, Paula De Martino, Alicia Ehni, Stevie Knauss, Milly Skelington, Johnny Sagan; and art history students: Caitlin Anklam, Victoria Borisova, Jay Bravo, Andrea Dauhajre, Curtis Eckley, Daniel Kuzinez, Jake Robinson. Visiting scholar: Virginia Marano, PhD Candidate, University of Zürich.

Moscow Conceptualism began as an alternative underground art world in the late Soviet Union. Its unofficial status shaped its artistic methods and theoretical framework. The exhibition includes original objects, archival materials, and working models of original artworks, alongside new projects created by Moscow Conceptualists in collaboration with art and art history students and faculty at Hunter College. Thus, Distortions is an experiment in intergenerational and cross-cultural collaboration. It aims to transform the gallery into a two-month long forum exploring how existing artworks can be activated to create new living situations, and how documents can be used beyond the preservation of the past

More info: www.205hudsongallery.org


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