Art History Major students wishing to graduate with honors must consult an advisor to make an official application for consideration by the faculty members on the Undergraduate Art History Committee on Honors.  Application forms are in the Art & Art History Office, Room 11054 Hunter North. Major credits must have been completed with a 3.7 grade point average, and the cumulative grade point average, from courses taken only at Hunter, must be at least 3.0. Students must submit a research paper written for Research Methods of Art History or an Advanced Studies Seminar, with the instructor’s comments, edits, and grade, to the department’s Undergraduate Art History Committee on Honors. The paper must have received a minimum grade of A-.  Papers written for other art history courses may be considered if they conform to the requirements for an Advanced Studies Seminar; consult with an advisor.  The committee will review the complete application to determine if the student merits departmental honors.

Download Departmental Honors Form