Required Courses for the 30-Credit BA

**Program Prerequisite: ARTH 111, 121, or 122 (These survey courses do not count toward Art History major credit.)

1 course in each of four distribution areas 

(NB: Distributions can be met via 200-, 300-, or 400-level courses.)
Distribution Areas (If in doubt, consult with an advisor.)

1) Ancient and Medieval (including Egyptian, Greek, Roman)
2) Renaissance and Baroque (including Colonial Latin American)
3) Modern: 18th, 19th, 20th, and 21st century (including Modern Latin American)
4) Islamic and Asian (including Indian, Chinese and Japanese)

12 credits

ARTH 300 Research Methods

(Prerequisite: at least one art history course above the 100-level)

3 credits

At least 1 Advanced Studies Seminar 400–level

(Prerequisite: ARTH 300 Research Methods)

3 credits

ARTLA 101 Introduction to the Study of Visual Experience
3 credits

3 additional courses at any level

from department offerings in Art History at the 200, 300, or 400 level

9 credits

30 credits 


Note that only grades of C and above can be counted toward the Art History major.
Up to 3 credits in Internship OR Independent Study may be applied toward the major.

The following classes from other departments may count toward the Art History major:

CLA 22000 Aegean Archaeology
CLA 22100 Greek Archaeology
CLA 22200 Roman Archaeology
CLA 22500 Archaeology of Egypt
CLA 22700 Archaeology of Eastern Mediterranean
CLA 24080 Perspectives on Myth and the Arts
CLA 24083 Archeology of the Roman Republic
REL30800 Religion and the Arts