One semester exchange programs to European art schools are available to BFA students, 42 credit art majors who are in their junior or beginning senior year, and MFA students who have passed or are applying for the mid-program review.


Ecole National Superior de Beaux Arts– Paris, France
The Academie Minerva– Groningen, Netherlands


Universität der Künste– (UdK) Berlin, Germany
Frank Mohr Institute- Groningen, Netherlands
Ecole National Superior de Beaux Arts– Paris, France
The Glasgow School of Art– Glasgow, Scotland


Scholarships ($3000.00) will be issued upon your return but only if you have submitted all FAFSA information correctly before you leave for Europe. Please check their deadlines at  Students use their six credits for three Independent Study courses within the semester that they are going abroad and all tuition and fees are payable to Hunter. Additional costs to the students will be for transportation, living expenses, and materials.

APPLICATION DEADLINE:  March 31 for both Fall and Spring semesters

Application forms are available at the Department of Art and Art History office

The application should include a brief reason for the selection of the particular school chosen, two copies of a CD with ten digital images of your work, and two copies of the accompanying slide list for the images must be attached for review at Hunter and the Exchange Partners. Two recommendations from Hunter’s Art Faculty are required and students should discuss the relevance of foreign study with their current professor and the department advisors. Faculty members familiar with your work should read your proposals to provide helpful insights to the Exchange Committee. If you wish to go to Paris or Berlin and you are not fluent in French or German, you may want to take an intensive language course to achieve a basic level of proficiency in speaking the language. English is the official language at the Exchange Schools in the Netherlands. The Exchange Program Committee interviews all applicants in person.


All selections are subject to final approval by the European schools — this determines our 1:1 policy.  During your time overseas your studio space will be used for the incoming Exchange student.  Due to different academic years in European schools, the Art Office may not inform applicants until late fall for spring applications and late spring for fall applications. Once names have been submitted to the Hunter registrar’s office all decisions are irreversible.

Please note: The Department of Art and Art History at Hunter College is not responsible for making or arranging any living accommodations.

Immigration information, foreign registration and medical services for studying abroad can be obtained from the International Student office, room 1109 East.

Official CUNY travel insurance is required for all Hunter students going on the exchange; accepted students will be given the link and Hunter code to register for the insurance policy which averages about $300.00 for the semester.

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Q: What do I need when traveling outside the US?
A: When going abroad and planning to re-enter the US you must have all the documents discussed in the “Documentation” section of the above web address. When leaving the country you will need to surrender the white I-94 card stapled into your passport, most border Officials will take this automatically, but they may forget and it is your responsibility to make sure you have given it to the appropriate official. Failure to surrender this card may delay your re-entry to the US or cause other problems. Before making any trip abroad you should come see us at the International Students Office to make sure you have everything you require and an endorsed I-20.

Q: Where can I find more information?
 The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is comprised of many elements, one of the biggest and most complex is Customs and Border Protection (CBP), they have a very informative website where you can find most of the information you need to know when traveling. You can find their website here:

Q: ·Who should I contact if I experience difficulty entering the US?
A: If all of your documents are in order, you should not experience problems at the border. ·However, sometimes students encounter a problem when entering the US, you should remember to remain calm, it may be a stressful situation, but remain calm and logical. ·The first thing you need to do is identify what the problem is, when you know this you can ask the Customs and Border Protection Officer to either contact your Embassy in the US and /or contact the International Students Office at: 212-772-4864 and we can help assist you as much as possible.

Checklist of required documents at time of departure to your Exchange School:

  1. FAFSA submitted
  2. Acceptance letter from the host school
  3. Immigration info.
  4. Foreign Registration
  5. Medical Information
  6. CUNY insurance
  7. Valid Passport