Lowel EDU is a lighting resource center where it contains
introductions to lighting equipment and creative suggestions, collection of real world setups described step-by-step and other resources for lighting. 

Camera Settings information on Digital SLR camera settings including manual and auto modes.

Slow Sync Flash low light photography options.

White Balance information on white balance and the process of removing unrealistic color casts.

Bit Depth and Color bit depth and color tutorial and information.

Histograms: Tones and Contrast camera histograms tones and contrast information.

Histograms: Luminosity and Color camera histograms luminosity and contrast information.

Levels is a tool in Photoshop and other image editing programs which can move and stretch the brightness levels of an image histogram.

Photomerge create panoramic images with Photomerge.

Avoid Clipping Highlights/Shadows in RAW a popular stop for panoramic images to pre-process them using Adobe Photoshop or Elements.

Masking information on masks and alpha channels.

Color Theory information on color theories and the color wheel.

Image Resizing and Resampling information on image size and resolutions.

Digital Photography Best Practices and Workflow 

File Format information on various file formats that are used in digital imaging and how to use between them.

File Management the fundamental methods for naming, storing and handling files information. 

Color Checker Passport Xrite for Lightroom

How to create a custom colour profile in Lightroom with the aid of the Colour Checker Passport from Xrite, HD recording