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Hot Glue Perfect Binder (Model: AIP-X015)

This bookbinder is available for use to students who have been trained.

Book Binding Instructional Video

This manual perfect bookbinding machine is ideal for binding books, magazines, catalogues, photo books and all sorts of short run independent publications. The machine has built-in milling toolset that will enhance glue binding. It can bind up to 500 sheets (20 lbs paper) with soft cover. It is easy to operate. You can produce professional looking books at affordable cost.

Max. binding area: 13 x 11″ (320 x 280 mm)
Max. book size: 12.5 x 9.5″ (315 x 240 mm)
Max. book thickness: 2″ (50 mm) or 500 sheets (20 lb paper) including soft cover
Max. acceptable cover weight: 400 gsm

For purchasing your book materials we recommend Talas:
and Artist and Craftsman

Instructional Books:

Bookbinding for Book Artists

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