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in the digital lab


Digital Lab

Room #300

Phone 212-396-7308

This is a general use computer lab. It is open during building hours for all to use.
It may be reserved for class sessions and during this time will not be available to general students. 

Please check the calendar above for availability.

The lab has (13) 21.5-inch iMacs equipped with a 31.GHz Intel Core i7 Processor and 16GB of RAM. 
Software currently available includes: the Adobe CC, Adobe Lightroom 4, and Microsoft Office. 
The lab has one Black and White HP Laser Printer run by ICIT.
Paper for this printer is supplied by the Hunter MFA Program and can be replenished by visiting the main office on the second floor during regular office hours. 

Epson Expression 11000 Scanner 

There is an Epson Expression 11000 in the digital lab which can be used for scanning flat work as well as film.  To keep the film holders in good condition they are currently kept in the AV cage. When there is a monitor on duty or if you contact us ahead of time, we can arrange to get the film holders for you.