Please see below for details on inkjet printing options at the MFA campus . . .


You can make a reservation to print on the large format Epson or the 13×19 Canon inkjet, or color laser printers by emailing:



If you would like to print on either the Canon or Epson printers at 205 Hudson, you will need to first set-up a print tab by making an initial deposit.Students can create their print tab and add more money to their existing print tabs by dropping off payment anytime to MFA office, Room 200.

Deposit envelopes will be available on the door of the MFA office.
Fill out deposit envelope information with full name, studio number, date, and amount. Place money inside. Put completed envelope in the blue box in the MFA office or slide it under the door if the office is closed. Send an email notification to confirm:

*If you do NOT follow the instructions above, including not confirming the amount over email, and/ or not writing your name on the envelope, we can not credit your print tab.

Please note the minimum amounts for each printer
Color laser: $5
Canon inkjet: $20

Large format Epson: $50

+All print tab payments will be updated on Fridays

you will receive an email receipt as a confirmation

Color Laser Printing Costs:

8.5 x 11 inch prints are 5 cents each
11 x 17 inch prints are 10 cents

Canon Inkjet Printing Costs*:
8.5 x 11 inch prints are $2
11 x 17 inch prints are $4
13 x 19 prints are $6

Large Format Printing Costs*

Epson SP9000 + 9800 + 7880   [SP900 + 9800 are 44” MAX]

44”– $1.32 per linear inch
36” – $1.08 per linear inch

30″ – $0.90 per linear inch
24” – $0.72 per linear inch
20” – $0.60 per linear inch
17” – $0.51 per linear inch
16” – $0.48 per linear inch
13” – $0.39 per linear inch

*Students are required to provide their own paper to print on the inkjet printers.

#              W    L
1 print   24″ x 10″ ($7.20)              .72 x 10 = $7.20
2 prints 24″ x 34″ ($24.48 each)  .72 x 34 = 24.48 x 2 = $48.96
3 prints 13″ x 16″ ($6.24 each)    .48 x 13 x 3 = $18.72
2 prints 44” x 36” ($49.68 each)  1.38 x 36 x 2 = $99.36
Paper types: Luster, Semi-Gloss, Glossy


Room 389 is equipped with (1) Canon Pixma Pro-1 inkjet printer that is on a pay per print system available for use during all open lab hours.
Visit the AV Cage room 387 to checkout the printer. 

You will need to bring your own paper and pre-pay for ink with a print tab (explained above): 
8.5 x 11 inch prints are $2
11 x 17 inch prints are $4
13 x 19 prints are $6

Two Papers we recommend for use with the Canon Printers:
Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl
Canson Photo Gloss Premium Resin Coated Paper
Canon printers do not support Epson paper and vice versa, Ilford and Canson can
be used on both.

These papers can be purchased at Adorama  or K&M Camera

If you are printing on specialty paper and need a profile added please let us know.
Please do not attempt to use a specialty paper like rag without assistance.

3rd Party Paper Info: