Wet Plate Workshop

The Undergraduate Photography area is located on the 11th Floor of Hunter North

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Full Time Faculty:

Reiner Leist, Professor

Brian WoodProfessor

Summer 2018 Faculty & Courses

Katie Murray  Adjunct Assist. Prof., k8tie.murray@gmail.com
Principles of Photography Art CR 271
M 5:45-9:50 W 5:45-9:50

Julio Grinblatt   Adjunct Assist. Prof., jgrinbla@hunter.cuny.edu
Advanced Photography Art CR 372
T 11:40-3:45 TH 11:40-3:45

Fall 2018  Faculty & Courses

Jude Broughan Adjunct Assist. Prof., jude.broughan@gmail.com
          Advanced Photography Art CR 372  Sec. 01  Wednesdays 9:10AM-12:50PM

Christina FreemanAdjunct Assist. Prof.,  cfreeman.hunter@gmail.com

Special Topics Photography Art CR 360.28  Wednesdays 5:35-8:15pm

Julio Grinblatt   Adjunct Assist. Prof., jgrinbla@hunter.cuny.edu

Principles of Photography Art CR 271   T 5:35-9:15 PM

Principles of Photography Art CR 271   W 1:10-4:50 PM

Katie Murray  Adjunct Assist. Prof., k8tie.murray@gmail.com

Digital Photography Art CR 360.28 Thursdays 10:10AM-12:50PM

Principles of Photography Art CR 271 Sec. 03 Thursdays 1:10-4:50 PM

Brian WoodProfessor, brian@brianwoodstudio.com

Principles of Photography Art CR 271  Mondays 1:10-4:50 PM

Advanced Photography Art CR 271 Mondays 5:35-9:15 PM



Photography Area Staff

Daminico Lynch
Daminico Lynch,  Lab Technician

Christina Freeman
Christina Freeman,  Technology Coordinator



Hiram Maristany

Hiram Maristany was born in El Barrio and still lives in the same neighborhood he loves. Hiram came of age in the 1960’s, when young Puerto Ricans, born and raised in New York’s barrios, asserted a new, New York Puerto Rican identity. Inspired by the Cuban Revolution and the Chicano, Civil Rights, and the Black Power movements, these young people formed new political organizations to revolutionize American society and new arts organizations to spotlight their unique vision of the world. They insisted that their voices be heard, their art work exhibited, their history saved, and their identity not only acknowledged, but celebrated.

PRESS: “What Hiram Maristany Saw Looking Through The Lens At El Barrio”


The Photographers Collective

The Photographers Collective, founded in 2014, seeks to encourage the growth of emerging photographers, artists, and thinkers at Hunter College. We aim to supplement Hunter College’s photography curriculum through technical workshops, artist talks, a biannual publication, group shows, and critical conversation about photography. Simultaneously, we offer a platform from which to cultivate community, learning, and creativity among students. We encourage our members to collaborate and exchange ideas, offer feedback about each other’s work, and focus their ability to use the camera to engage with their surroundings. With the permission of the Art Department, the Photographers Collective has been fortunate enough to utilize the wall space along the 11th floor of Hunter North to showcase the photography of the students of Hunter College. The Photographers Collective is an organization funded by Hunter College but run entirely by students.

Email:  Photographerscollective.hc@gmail.com

Instagram       https://www.instagram.com/hunterphotographerscollective/

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