The Communication Studio is a mentorship program in which Graduate Students (MA) in Art History in the Department of Art & Art History at Hunter College offer mentoring assistance to undergraduate students and their art history papers. Students enrolled in any art history undergraduate course may visit the Communication Studio for help with their papers. In addition, mentors can assist with applications for internships and applications for graduate school. The mentors can help with editorial concerns and any issues related to the structure of the paper, the formal analysis of objects, establishing a thesis statement, building an argument, incorporating scholarly sources into the discussion, and more.

The mentors offer weekly virtual office hours, beginning September 17 through the final week of classes (with the exception of holidays) following the schedule and zoom links below


Tuesdays 4-6 PM, with Olivia Birkelund


Thursdays 2-4 PM, with Valerie Thai 


Sundays 6-8 PM, with Noa Wesley