Language Exam

Upon entering the program, all MA students are expected to have reading proficiency in at least one foriegn language. At the beginning of each semester the department offers the Language Reading Exam, which students must pass by the time of the Mid-Program Evaluation (15 credits) in order to register for classes.

The exam consists of a 500-word art-historical text that must be translated within one hour. It is offered in German, Italian, Spanish, and French, plus Chinese with special permission. Students may use a hard copy dictionary to aid with their translation.

The next Language Exam will be offered on January 24, 2024, at 7pm.
Current students may sign up to take the exam here: Language Exam RSVP.

Please refer to the following documents for sample exams:


Language Reading Program

As an additional option, the Language Reading Program at the CUNY Graduate Center offers language translation classes to help prepare for this exam. If you pass a Level II course with a B+ or better in both the course and the final exam, you will be exempted from taking the departmental language exam (we consider this the equivalent to passing). Registration details and more information can be found here.