The Department of Art offers introductory, intermediate and advanced courses in Art History. The major consists of 30 credits. No more than 15 credits transferred from another institution may be applied to the major.

The 30-Credit Art History Major BA is intended for students interested in a liberal arts education in the humanities or students planning to continue their art history studies in a graduate program. A broad range of courses from different fields, rather than specialization in one area, is encouraged. In order to declare a major in art history, students must have taken ARTH 111 (or ARTH 121 or 122). Majors who have completed 3 credits in art history beyond ARTH 111 are eligible to take the required seminar, Research Methods of Art History (ARTH 300), to be programmed in consultation with an art history adviser.

Majors planning graduate study in art history should discuss, with an art history adviser, the requirements for graduate admission, including graduate language requirements; this should be done during an early semester.