Dan Fox: Limbo

The Artist’s Institute
132 E. 65th Street
New York, New York

October 24, 7pm
This is a talk about getting by when you can’t get along. A talk for writers and artists who find themselves in No-Man’s Land, the Twilight Zone, the Upside Down, the wasteland, the badlands and the boonies. On the sidelines, on the bench, on hold, on standby, out-of-sync, in the wings, up the creek, in a ditch, in a fix, in a funk, in stasis.

Drawing on his new book Limbo—a memoir, a meditation on creative block, a cultural history of limbo, and companion for the isolated, delayed, stranded, stymied and those in the dark—Dan Fox considers the role that fallow periods and states of inbetween play in art. In a world that demands faith in progress and growth, what happens when you’re plain stuck? How do you get out of your own way? Questions will be asked. Answers will be stumbled over in the dark and cursed at.

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