Drawing is a language of ideas. At Hunter drawing focuses on basic drawing skills, so that every student will have the ability to record three-dimensional space with a certain degree of accuracy.  A large part of learning these skills is beginning to see in a new way; students learn to depend on visual cues about the appearance of objects and their relationships in space. The basic drawing skills to be covered are line, composition, measurement, proportion, and value.

Learning to draw places the student in the process of discovery and the beginning of the development of their artistic voice. Since drawing goes beyond skillful technique, students will learn how to present a point of view, an interpretation, and an expression unique to the individual artist. Students will understand conceptually why these skills have become invaluable in the rendering of the three-dimensional world.

The skills and the creative possibilities explored through drawing are as important for those pursuing art as they are to those pursuing other careers.

Classes are taught by full and part-time faculty, all are distinguished practicing artists.
All students have access to The Zabar Art Library, located on the same floor as the painting studio.
Open figure drawing sessions are offered every semester and available to all drawing students.

The drawing studio is located in room 1600, Hunter North. Students have use of drawing tables, easels and are given basic drawing supplies with their material fees. In addition a surplus of other drawing materials are on hand for use by students.